Anything but “Groundhog Day”

Creative and diverse ad series for matchday magazine of the Iserlohn Roosters

And how the cock crows at it … The ad series that P.AD. developed for the matchday magazine of the ice hockey pros of the Iserlohn Roosters for the thermoplastic processing company “Fernholz Thermoplastverarbeitung” is anything but the repeated “Groundhog Day””. While some ice hockey sponsors don’t show a lot of variety for 26 match days, Fernholz presents a new creative ads with reference to the respective opponent and environmental protection for every home game of the DEL club. Fernholz donates 10 Euro to WWF for each seasonal goal of the Iserlohn Roosters. Whether grizzly bear, shark, tiger, penguin or bull – P.AD. and Fernholz have always found a suitable advertising creation. Roosters fans are looking forward to the new creative ad every time they play.

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