International journalists’ conference

P.AD. hosts a press event with journalists from four different countries

The name ALBRECHT JUNG has been synonymous with advanced technology and pioneering design for more than 100 years. Ten journalists from four different countries were given the opportunity to judge this for themselves. P.AD. organised a press event for members of the media from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland on behalf of the electrical installation material producer. After the journalists had visited the production facilities in Schalksmühle, Lüdenscheid and Lünen, they were taken on a guided tour of the Humboldt Villa in Lüdenscheid. Here the journalists enjoyed a personal demonstration of a high-tech KNX system from Jung in a live presentation, after which they were entertained to dinner, bringing the day to a pleasant end. P.AD, handled the invitations and the hosting of the journalists and was also responsible for the entire organisation and implementation of the press event.     Jung_Presse-Event_10-2015_02   Jung_Presse-Event_10-2015_01   Jung_Presse-Event_10-2015_03

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